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Gazal Yacht

Enjoy a Luxury Yacht Holidays In Crete and the Greek Islands of Greece.


Enjoy a Luxury Yacht Holidays

Invite friends and family aboard Gazal in the knowledge that they will enjoy the boats prestigious and comfortable feel. The Gazal, surprisingly spacious, incorporates all the necessary features to ensure you enjoy life to the full. Enjoy the sun on the flybridge or on deck. The teak decoration is everywhere and makes every corner a place to enjoy. How nice to experience this lifestyle and all these activities at the same time.


With experienced skipper and crew, the Gazal Yacht is fully equipped with all the certified safety equipment and lifeboats. Enjoy a secure and carefree cruise!


Tied to shore, the Antares 13.80 takes on the appearance of a traditional cruiser. Underway, the boat isn’t so tame – the modern planing hull exhibits a good turn of speed.


She carries the latest, hi tech innovation in comfort for easy life aboard. With her beam of 4.30m, the Antares 13.80 is a real home afloat. Life aboard, both inside and outside is sheer enjoyment.

Comfortable, powerfull and stylish, the Antarès 13.80 brings genuine navigation pleasure together with a seaworthy and safe behaviour. She carries the latest, hi tech innovation in comfort for easy life aboard. With her beam of 4.30m, the Antares 13.80 is a real home afloat. Life aboard, both inside and outside is sheer enjoyment.

Cruises with a Yacht

Daily Cruises

Rethymno – Kala Nera

Kala Nera: Kala Nera or Omprogialos is one of the nicest, best hidden angles of Crete. It is located on the rocky east coast of Cape Drapano and in the north of Georgioupoli. You may come here for a dive in the crystal-clear, turquoise waters of the bay by the vessel Gazal. The only building that exists in the area is a tavern situated along the magnificent blue of the sea. There is no beach. The whole coast is rocky and while reaching it by swimming you should be a bit careful if you want to get to the tavern. Alternatively, you could enjoy swimming and we may go on our journey with the vessel Gazal.

Rethymno – Kala Nera – Almyrida – Marathi

Loutraki: Loutraki is a closed bay between hills, surrounded by rocky coasts apart from the west side where there is a protective beach with crushed sand. The sandy beach of Loutraki has crystal-clear water and is very well organized as it provides all the necessary tourist facilities. It is highly esteemed by the locals. Here you may find a peaceful tavern as well as a big bar with loud music and quite a lot of young people.

Marathi: Marathi, which is orientated to the south, is peaceful and well protected from the winds in relation to the other north coasts of Crete. It hosts two beautiful beaches with crushed sand and shallow calm waters, ideal for children. They have a nice view of the White Mountains, and they are well organized with all the necessary amenities nearby.

Opposite Marathi, in a distance of 500m, there is a small island called Marathi or Palaia Souda (Paleosouda), which you can visit. On the island there is a small pine forest, while its western coast is steep and popular with lovers of scuba diving.

The western part of the beach of Marathi, where there are large pebbles, is called Sosorides. The beach is particularly popular with the locals seeking less crowded, calm places with no fuss.

Almyrida: Almyrida is a quiet resort, with good facilities and superb sea. The unspoiled countryside and the lush olive groves around Almyrida are ideal locations for walking.

Almyrida, which has been characterized as a region of infinite beauty since 1977, has two nice sandy beaches, with shallow water, safe for the children. The two beaches are separated by a small rocky peninsula. They are very well organized and famous for water sports. Also, they are popular with those who love windsurfing. On the beach there are several taverns famous for fresh fish and delicious traditional food.

Rethymno – Latzimas Caves – Bali

Latzimas caves: Kamara of Geropotamos or else, Latzimas, is 16 km to the east of Rethymno city and some meters to the west of the Geropotamos beach in Rethymno prefecture. Latzimas is a beach with sand, tiny pebbles and clear blue waters.

The astonishing natural arch that is formed on the west side of the beach of Latzimas along with steep cliffs keep this beach away from crowds, since it can be accessed only by swimming from the nearest beaches.

Bali: Bali is a seaside village on the northern coastline of Crete in the prefecture of Rethymno, located approximately 35 km far from the city of Rethymno. Built on the raised land of a small peninsula, where the giant Talos was once worshiped, the village of Bali has two bays on its west side, which provide safe anchorage almost during every season.

The settlement of Bali was established during the Ottoman rule and the Turkish word balik, meaning fish, was the origin of the name of the village. The village is considered to have been constructed on a site that used to be the ancient Astali, the port of the Ancient Axos settlement, used for unloading supplies during the numerous revolutions. The history of the village of Bali almost exceeds one century. From a fishing village it has been turned into an important tourist resort of the South, offering all kind of services.

The village of Bali is considered an ideal destination for summer holidays because of its numerous beaches with crystal- clear water and rich seabed.

Rethymno – Menies – Balos – Gramvousa

Menies or Diktynna is located 45km northwest of Chania, on the northeastern shores of Cape Rodopos and at the exit of Foundas Gorge. It is a wonderful secluded beach with pebbles and deep crystal blue waters. It is not affected by the usual winds blowing in the area and it is ideal for isolation, far away from the urban centers. In a distance of many kilometers there are absolutely no facilities. Along the sea cliffs, between Menies and Afrata, we meet several small bays formed at the exit of small streams accessible mainly by boat. Also, about 1km southwest of the coast, you can visit the very old monastery of St. George. It was built in the 9th century but it was abandoned due to continuous invasions by pirates. In the courtyard of the monastery there is a fortified tower, used for warning of the arrival of enemy or pirate ships. Balos: The famous lagoon of Balos is a shallow , sandy beach formed between the Cape Gramvousa and the small Cape Tigani , below the mountain range of Platiskinos. Balos is surely the beach that has been photographed the most in Crete, a favorite subject of all tourist guides of Greece. It is no coincidence that Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Balos with their private yacht many years ago. Balos is famous for its turquoise waters, its wild natural beauty and the beautiful exotic scenery. During the summer, Balos is visited by thousands of people. It would be ideal to arrive at Balos in the morning. These few hours of remoteness in such a heavenly place will remain etched on your memory forever. The lagoon of Balos has white sand and exotic white, vivid blue and turquoise waters. The sea is very shallow and warm, ideal for young children. In many places the sand has a lovely pinkish color, because of millions of crushed shells. Beyond the rocks at the boundaries of the lagoon, the water is deeper and colder, ideal for snorkeling.

The lagoon and the wider area, with rare species of flora and fauna, are protected by the Natura 2000 program. The best and most convenient way to visit Balos is by the sea with the vessel Gazal. You’ll have the chance to see the wild shores of Gramvousa and the marks left from their lifting up to 6-9m after a strong earthquake in 365AD. Also, you may swim in the exotic beach of Imeri Gramvousa islet, where you will see the old fortress and the wrecked ship. If you are lucky, you might be accompanied by dolphins during your journey. Gramvousa: The two uninhabited islets of Gramvousa, the Agria and Imeri Gramvousa, are located 2 miles northwest of the famous lagoon of Balos. Imeri Gramvousa is famous for its historical Venetian fortress, which still stands at a height of 137m, over the beach. The fortress had also been used by pirates. One legend says that there is a great treasure buried on the island. Also, the hulk of a wrecked ship that was abandoned many years ago near the beach has become a characteristic part of the landscape. On the south side of the island there are two large bays, with the wreck being between them. We disembark from the vessel Gazal on the west bay, below the castle. Apart from wandering around the area and visiting the castle and the wreck, you could also swim in the crystal-clear waters of the western cove. The beach with the fantastic turquoise color has white sand and rocks in places. Next to the beach there are some trees offering natural shade. The seabed of the area is ideal for snorkeling. Near the beach there is also the small chapel of Saint Apostles. No other amenities are offered in the area as it is protected by Natura 2000 program. The history of Imeri Gramvousa and the Castle Gramvousa in ancient times was called Koryko, while the name “Gramvousa’ comes from the Venetian word Garabuse. The remains of a Venetian castle on Imeri Gramvousa, built in 1579-84, at a height of 137 meters above the natural harbor of the island, remind us of its past glory. The position of the castle was strategic, since it protected the entire northeastern Crete. Its size still impresses everyone – it has a triangular shape, with each side exceeding one kilometer. THE SHIPWRECK The rusty ship wreck located near the port of Gramvousa, has become the area’s landmark and consists part of its history. Many visitors wonder what the story of the shipwreck is, which is described in detail here: It is about a ship named Motorship Dimitrios P, with a length of 146 feet. The ship sailed on December 30, 1967 from Chalkida (close to Athens), carrying 440 tons of cement and destined for North Africa. Due to bad weather conditions, it was forced to drop anchor in the bay Diakofti of Kythira. On January 6, it sailed to its destination, but again it encountered bad weather and was forced to change its route towards the west coast of Crete. It anchored on the south side of Imeri Gramvousa, about 200m away from the coast, by dropping both of its anchors.

On January 8, 1968 at 13.15, the left anchor chain broke and the captain tried to keep the boat by using its machine, but he did not succeed in doing so. The vessel ran aground on the left side and the engine room was flooded with water.

The commander ordered the abandonment of the vessel and the crew remained on Imeri Gramvousa until January 10 due to bad weather. Finally, they were rescued by the destroyer Ierax, which was stationed in Souda. The ship remains there until today, being now an integral part of the landscape.

Sunset Cruises

Rethymno has one of the most idyllic sunsets. The disappearance of the Sun below the western horizon, where the fortress of Fortezza, the town’s main landmark is situated, is one of the most memorable sights you can fully enjoy from Gazal vessel. Wear comfortable clothes and sandals, ask us to offer you a bottle of wine or a drink of your preference, and be ready to enjoy the majestic scenery of the Cretan coastline while relaxing and having a nice evening on Gazal vessel!

Long Trips

Santorini – Ios – Sikinos – Folegandros

Santorini: Santorini is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and one of the most famous islands. Its unique caldera, its products, the beaches with the black sand, the beautiful sunsets are just some of the elements that make Santorini unique worldwide.

Ios: Cosmopolitan Ios attracts people from all over the world due to its clean sea and remote beaches. Its intense nightlife as well attracts a lot of young people. One of its main features is its picturesque windmills. Moreover, there are Cycladic churches everywhere, on every corner. It is striking the fact that on Ios, which is inhabited by 2000 people, there are 365 churches, more than half of which can be visited, as they are an integral part of its beauty.

Sikinos: Sikinos is a small island located between Io and Folegandro. It is the ideal place for peaceful holidays allowing you to leave behind all the worries of your daily routine. Its scenery is uniquely Cycladic and what prevail most are its arid terrace cropping, the dry-stone walls, numerous chapels and undoubtedly the magnificent beaches with turquoise water.

On leaving the island, do not forget to get as a souvenir from this magic place its delicious honey made from thyme, sesame bars, “meletinia”, local dairy products and capers.

Folegandros: Folegandros is the southernmost island of the western Cyclades. The small community of Folegandros managed not only to maintain but to strengthen its ties with the past as well as with its emigrants. This fact gives Folegandros a unique colour. The visitors here are not strangers as most of them visit the island again and again.

When you visit Folegandros it is worth tasting homemade pasta with rabbit or goat meat and the traditional cheese pie (Kalatsouna).

Milos – Kimolos – Polyaigos

Milos and Kimolos were once united before being separated into two smaller islands by an earthquake.

Milos is famous all over the world for two reasons: the marble statue of goddess Aphrodite which was found on the island – even though the original one “emigrated” to the Louvre Museum in Paris – and its dreamy beaches. Some of them are hidden in caves or in strange rock formations, others have golden sand and turquoise waters and others are set in astonishing sceneries leaving you speechless… It is worth visiting the marvelous beaches of Milos, on board Gazal , since most of them are accessible only by boat.

Kimolos: Discover the soft power of Cyclades. A small island which will become your own paradise in case the only thing you allow yourself to worry about during your holiday is the choice of a beach. Prassa is indisputably one of the top beaches, situated on the northeastern side of the island, in an almost lunar landscape with snow-white thick sand, wonderful seabed and few deck chairs. The heart of the island beats at its village where you can have your coffee in the morning, stroll around the whitewashed cobbled streets and let yourself experience the tranquility of the Cycladic landscape with the beautiful, in full white houses with their yards full of flowers.

The main sight of the village is its medieval castle, which is a fortified settlement with special architecture. It consists of the settlements of the Inner And Outer Castle which are connected through passages called “portares”.

The external walls of the houses are joined together creating a fortified precinct.

You may taste as well local specialties like “ladenia”, a pie similar to pizza without cheese, and all its alternatives such as tirenia (a type of open cheese pie), pumpkin pie, homemade pasta, manoura cheese, rusks with skinokokko , capers and tomato puree made from local produce.

Polyaigos: Get to know the biggest unpopulated island of the Aegean Sea. Polyaigos, which was named after the great number of goats (aeges) which there were once on the island, was not always an unpopulated place. In 1951 it had 14 residents, while even earlier than that it is mentioned that 170 people resided on it. Today, it is reported that there are two permanent residents. It is situated 6,2 km east of Milos, 2km south-east of Kimolos and 15 km south-west of Sifnos.

In the north-west part of the island there are the ruins of the Monastery of the Assumption Day, the temple of which was Basilica with a dome, built in 1622. Human activity is also obvious in two quarries that existed in the same part, from which trachyte (igneous rock) was extracted, used for grindstones.

Greece has included Polyaigo in Natura 2000 program of the EU, considering it an important habitat unspoilt by human presence.Also, the Mediterranean seal Monachous monachous lays her legs on the island.

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