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Long Trips

Enjoy the magic of the coastline beaches of our island as well as of the Aegean Sea without losing the comfort of their own home.

Santorini – Ios – Sikinos – Folegandros

Santorini: Santorini is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and one of the most famous islands. Its unique caldera, its products, the beaches with the black sand, the beautiful sunsets are just some of the elements that make Santorini unique worldwide.

Ios: Cosmopolitan Ios attracts people from all over the world due to its clean sea and remote beaches. Its intense nightlife as well attracts a lot of young people. One of its main features is its picturesque windmills. Moreover, there are Cycladic churches everywhere, on every corner. It is striking the fact that on Ios, which is inhabited by 2000 people, there are 365 churches, more than half of which can be visited, as they are an integral part of its beauty.

Sikinos: Sikinos is a small island located between Io and Folegandro. It is the ideal place for peaceful holidays allowing you to leave behind all the worries of your daily routine. Its scenery is uniquely Cycladic and what prevail most are its arid terrace cropping, the dry-stone walls, numerous chapels and undoubtedly the magnificent beaches with turquoise water.

On leaving the island, do not forget to get as a souvenir from this magic place its delicious honey made from thyme, sesame bars, “meletinia”, local dairy products and capers.

Folegandros: Folegandros is the southernmost island of the western Cyclades. The small community of Folegandros managed not only to maintain but to strengthen its ties with the past as well as with its emigrants. This fact gives Folegandros a unique colour. The visitors here are not strangers as most of them visit the island again and again.

When you visit Folegandros it is worth tasting homemade pasta with rabbit or goat meat and the traditional cheese pie (Kalatsouna).

Milos – Kimolos – Polyaigos

Milos and Kimolos were once united before being separated into two smaller islands by an earthquake.

Milos is famous all over the world for two reasons: the marble statue of goddess Aphrodite which was found on the island – even though the original one “emigrated” to the Louvre Museum in Paris – and its dreamy beaches. Some of them are hidden in caves or in strange rock formations, others have golden sand and turquoise waters and others are set in astonishing sceneries leaving you speechless… It is worth visiting the marvelous beaches of Milos, on board Gazal , since most of them are accessible only by boat.

Kimolos: Discover the soft power of Cyclades. A small island which will become your own paradise in case the only thing you allow yourself to worry about during your holiday is the choice of a beach. Prassa is indisputably one of the top beaches, situated on the northeastern side of the island, in an almost lunar landscape with snow-white thick sand, wonderful seabed and few deck chairs. The heart of the island beats at its village where you can have your coffee in the morning, stroll around the whitewashed cobbled streets and let yourself experience the tranquility of the Cycladic landscape with the beautiful, in full white houses with their yards full of flowers.

The main sight of the village is its medieval castle, which is a fortified settlement with special architecture. It consists of the settlements of the Inner And Outer Castle which are connected through passages called “portares”.

The external walls of the houses are joined together creating a fortified precinct.

You may taste as well local specialties like “ladenia”, a pie similar to pizza without cheese, and all its alternatives such as tirenia (a type of open cheese pie), pumpkin pie, homemade pasta, manoura cheese, rusks with skinokokko , capers and tomato puree made from local produce.

Polyaigos: Get to know the biggest unpopulated island of the Aegean Sea. Polyaigos, which was named after the great number of goats (aeges) which there were once on the island, was not always an unpopulated place. In 1951 it had 14 residents, while even earlier than that it is mentioned that 170 people resided on it. Today, it is reported that there are two permanent residents. It is situated 6,2 km east of Milos, 2km south-east of Kimolos and 15 km south-west of Sifnos.

In the north-west part of the island there are the ruins of the Monastery of the Assumption Day, the temple of which was Basilica with a dome, built in 1622. Human activity is also obvious in two quarries that existed in the same part, from which trachyte (igneous rock) was extracted, used for grindstones.

Greece has included Polyaigo in Natura 2000 program of the EU, considering it an important habitat unspoilt by human presence.Also, the Mediterranean seal Monachous monachous lays her legs on the island.

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